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6 Things You Should Note When Writing Your Blog Post (Beginners Guide)

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6 Things You Should Note When Writing Your Blog post

Welcome to the era of content marketing, when quality content is referred to as the king. Informative articles and blog posts are one of the essential keys in content marketing and they go a long way in boosting your website performance on the search engine and generate good traffic. 

Hence, it is important you understand some basics of good article and blog post writing, especially as a blogger or freelance writer. 

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6 essential factors you should note when writing your blog post 

1. Define your audience

The first step you need to take when writing your blog post is to define the people you are writing the article for. Are they student or business owners? Are they professionals in the industry or dummies who are just learning the basics of the business? What language do they speak, “technical languages or conventional terms”? All these are very important as it helps you shape your writing to the people's needs. You know the problem you want the address and the things you need to beam more light on.

2. Research your keywords 

Blog posts, unlike other forms of writings, should be well optimized for search engines and readers' engagement. You should do proper keyword research to know the terms people are using to search for that subject on the search engine. You can make use of keyword research tools like Google trends, Semrush keyword research tools. Don’t make the mistake to assume you know what people are searching on the search engine. Check them out instead. And Try and settle for the less competitive keywords in case your blog is relatively new.

3. Write unique and engaging headlines

Your headlines are one of the most essential aspects of your blog post. Nobody will read your article if you do not learn how to create catchy and unique headlines. Also, try and make your headlines as unique as possible. Google barely ranks articles with the same headline on the same page of the search engine result page (SERP). Check out the headline you want to use for your blog post on google by searching the topic along with the quotation mark. 

For example, when creating this article, I checked if the headline is unique by typing "6 Things You Should Note When Writing Your Blog Post (Beginners Guide)" on google. Make sure the quotation mark is there to make your search as unique as possible. If your headline is unique, then you will get a result like the one shown below. 

4. Write simple and catchy sentences

One thing you to understand as a blog writer is no one enjoys reading a boring article. Make the blog content as simple as possible. Ask yourself if someone in the elementary class can read your article without picking up a dictionary. Make use of short sentences as they are much easy to read. Make your sentences meaningful and ensure you pass good knowledge through your writings. Try and put some exciting sentences and put a beam of smiles on your readers. And also ensure you checkout for your grammars. Write as if you are seeing your readers in the face. All these are basics of copywriting and it is applicable in blog posts also. 

5. Optimize it for search engines

Searching google for information has become the order of the day. Google is now the heaven on earth for bloggers. If you want to become a successful blogger or you want your content to get enough readership, then you must ensure your article is well optimized for search engines. Input your targeted keyword or key phrase in article headlines, body, and conclusion. Ensure it appears like 5 – 6 times. Use good meta description and keep your URL as short as possible.

6. Good Call-to-action and conclusion

Good call-to-action and conclusions are very important when writing your blog post. You use it to give your readers a head-up that you are about to close your article and command them to take actions in whatever you’ve thought. Remember you aren’t writing the blog post for the fun of it. You write it to create value for your readers and this helps them to start working on what you must have thought.


The art of writing a good blog post is not something complex as you must have though. It is just the conjunctions of different words to pass meaningful information. Follow the sequence I explained above and you will be surprised by the wonderful result you will achieve. So, what I want you to do now is pick up your computer and start writing. You can also hit me up to review your write-up if you are a startup writer or blogger.

About the Author

Taiwo Sotikare is an outstanding freelance writer and blogger with good years of experience. He is the co-founder of and can be contacted directly on WhatsApp

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