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How to Get Free 1300+ Dofollow Redirect Backlinks From Google

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Improving domain authority isn't something one can achieve in a day, it involves sacrificing a lot of time. And if you have been following our updates, then by now you should know what impact a quality backlink has on a website. 

Most times when you check for some website backlinks you will find some Google links redirecting back to the blog, links such as,,,, e.t.c. Then you might be wondering, how can this be achieved? Well it is not a hard thing to do.

How To Create Automatic Google Redirect Backlinks

Getting automatic redirecting backlinks from Google involves only two steps. 

1. Getting Google redirect link lists. 
Below are the list of the Google redirect links, then you get it copied to your clipboard. q= / / / / / / / /
Replace all with your site link

2. Look for any high DA sites where you can comment and paste the above links. I will personally recommend you to use As it's easy to comment there. 

After successful submission, then you can wait for 24 hours for your links to be crawled, after that you can use any backlink checker of your choice to confirm. 

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