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New Fletro Pro v5.5 Premium Blogger Template Download

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Fletro pro v5.5 blogger template download

Fletro Pro v5.5 Blogger Template Download

The Fletro pro latest version 5.5 is the updated version of the Fletro Pro Blogger Template. This new version named Fletro Pro v5.5 has been released and is filled with stunning features that makes it look very much dynamic.

The latest Fletro Pro 5.5 was made to combine the features of both Median UI Blogger Template and the already known Fletro Pro 5.4 which make it much greater.

The new Fletro v5.5 is a well optimized blogger template designed for both mobile and desktop devices.

Also, some new widgets has been added to this latest v5.5 of the fletro pro with beautiful colors and nicely positioned which will make the visitors of your website navigate through pages easily and enjoy staying with your contents.

Features of Fletro Pro 5.5 Blogger Template

  • Enhanced color for better reading experience
  • Demacated header line
  • Responsive large ads widget(same as Median UI)
  • Font changed to "Noto Sans"
  • Beautiful Dropdown list
  • Dynamic Footer design
  • Enhanced author's widget with location preview
  • Post read time counter added
  • Well designed subscription widget added
  • Changed author's icon in comment
  • Well configured Inline ads in post
  • and more...
Download latest fletro pro v5.5 blogger template

Fletro Pro 5.5 blogger template download. 

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