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Post to your business pages on Facebook and Instagram at the same time using Facebook Business Suite

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Post to your business pages on Facebook and Instagram at the same time using Facebook Business Suite

The launch of Facebook Business Suite was announced lately this year(2020) by Facebook. This should have been spread to you before now, but please accept apologies.👏

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The platform was created to help businesses, either you as a blogger, entrepreneur or other forms of business to stay updated by running or managing their pages or profiles on Facebook and Instagram just in a single platform.

Facebook Business Suite gives way to you as a business admin to post update about your business(this can be a blog or some sorts of businesses) on Facebook and Instagram at a time, not only that, you would also manage and be able to receive messages and notifications collectively in a place. From this, it's more a opened way you know what to do to meet the satisfaction of your customers or blog users.

According to Axios, it was said that there's a plan bringing in the functions of Whatsapp messaging into the platform sooner.

So this platform has been an alternative to Pages Manager, Creator Studio and Workplace for Facebook. All this functionality now combined in a single app feature.

How to get started with Facebook Business Suite

There are lots of benefits connected to this platform, to be a part of the benefitors, you have to link your Facebook and Instagram pages together if you haven't done that. Link your Instagram and Facebook pages to together here.

Once you are done connecting the pages together, you are good to go. Take a look at some benefits of the platform below;

Grow your viewers, audience, clients or customers: There is an opportunity to boost your post by creating ads to increase engagement of your contents. The more you grow here, the more chances you have to make more customers, viewers, clients for your business, blogs or others.

view updates faster and easily: You will recieve notifications, messages, comments and all other activity post across your Facebook and Instagram Pages. This makes it easy for you to get in touch with those really in need of your services or products. Also you can personalize an AWAY REPLY incase you are absent to keep your customers or clients on shot.

Share with communities across Facebook and Instagram: Porge your Facebook and Instagram page with your feed post, chances also available for publishing schedule: publish a post at a given or instructed time.

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Your activities are recorded: You can monitor the performance of your pages post and engagement on the "Insight" tab, also see what has reach the likening of viewers.

How to make use of Facebook Business Suite on Mobile and Desktop devices

To use Business suite, log into the Facebook account connected with your business. You will be re-directed automaticslly to Business Suite if you're eligible.

If already you make use of the Facebook Pages Manager App on mobile devices, you will see an option to automatically opt into Business Suite. You can get the Business Suite app on IOS or Google playstore.

Various service offers from Facebook in the Business Suite App includes Facebook Pages Manager, Facebook Analytic and the Ads Manager.

Facebook Business Suite

There you go! Get a Business Suite account and manage your Pages on the go. Click here to get app on Android

Thanks for reading, post your view and share to loved ones.

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