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How to Withdraw Payoneer Funds in Nigeria (Any Amount)

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How to Withdraw Payoneer Funds in Nigeria

Hello Nigerians, I've brought a good news for you, now you can withdraw any amount you have got on your Payoneer account to your local bank account and get credited immediately. Cool right? Yeah it is. I tested this with 1.2 USD which was on my Payoneer account and it works, so I am here with the good news.

Originally Payoneer minimum withdrawal is 50 USD but with this method, you can withdraw as little as 1 USD. Let's get to the point.

How to withdraw any amount from Payoneer in Nigeria

Kuda Payoneer

Earlier this year, Kuda Bank released a statement via their official twitter handle @kudabank showing their proposed partnership with Payoneer. Which would allow their customers who has a Payoneer account to be able to access and make transactions on their Payoneer account using the Kuda Bank app. And on 17th of this month, they announced the success of their proposal.

Kuda Payoneer 2

For the sake of those that doesn't have Kuda Bank account already, I will give a brief information about them. 

What is Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is a virtual bank. By virtual, I mean they do not have a physical banking hall where you can walk into to perform transaction. They claim to be Nigeria’s first mobile-only bank licensed by the Central Bank offering you 25 free monthly transfers, automatic savings with zero card and account maintenance fees. Another great thing about Kuda is that your ATM card is cost free and will be delivered to you wherever in Nigeria for free too.

How to register for Kuda Bank account

Getting a Kuda account is pretty easy and fast. You can get yourself a Kuda account in a few simple steps all you need is your mobile device.
  • Download and install the app [ Android and iOS ]
  • Sign up for an account by entering your bio. At the point where you will have to input a referrer code, input CRPPATCE
Kuda signing up
  • Take a clear selfie for identification
Kuda taking selfie
  • Order your ATM card
Order your ATM card
  • Begin to carry out transactions
Begin transaction kuda

And that's all for registration.

How to withdraw from Payoneer to Kuda

So this is where it gets interesting. As I said earlier I decided to test this feature and it worked out just fine, I got credited immediately. See proof below.

Kuda 1

Kuda 2

Note:  If you are an existing customer, you need to update your Kuda Bank app to the latest version to be able to do this.

Enough talk, here is how to withdraw money from your Payoneer to Kuda account.
  • Login to your Kuda Bank dashboard (I want to assume you have an account already).
  • Navigate to "More", then click on linked accounts. If you can't find linked account, then you are still using the old version.
  • Click on Payoneer, then login to your Payoneer account.
  • After successful login, you would be required to link your Payoneer account with Kuda, click on "Agree".
  • Then you will receive a success message as shown below.
Kuda 3

  • After a successful linking, you would be able to view your Payoneer balance, account number and also withdraw your balance to your Kuda account.
  • To withdraw your Payoneer funds to Kuda account, click on "Balances"
Kuda 4
  • Then click "Add Money to Kuda"
  • The next page you choose which currency you want to withdraw from the the amount you want to withdraw and that's all. You will receive a credit alert immediately.
Kuda 5
  • Then you can check your balance.
And that's all, you can then transfer for free to any other bank in Nigeria if you wish, as Kuda offers 25 free fund transfer ever month.

If you have any issue or questions to ask about this you can use the comment box below or check the Kuda x Payoneer FAQs

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